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Welcome to Absolute Shutters, your local family run shutter company, offering the biggest and best range of plantation shutters in Preston and surrounding areas!

We specialise in providing modern and stylish window shutters, we supply & install a huge range of different handcrafted wooden shutters you are sure to find something to fit your unique and specific needs.

The Best Shutters, The Best Service 

The city of Preston has one of the richest histories in all of Lancashire. It was established by the Angels in the Dark Ages, and from then on proved to be of vital importance. In 1179 Preston was granted a Guild Merchant charter by King Henry II, which permitted the city to hold a market. This charter also licenced the city to host a civic celebration every twenty years, referred to as Guild Week.

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However, the regularity of this celebration was interrupted by both the First and Second World Wars, and the infrequency of Guild Week resulted in the birth of the phrase ‘once in every Preston Guild’ to signify that something only occurs intermittently.

Preston’s role as a textile town can be dated back to the Fourteenth Century, when Flemish weavers made their home in the city. The prosperity and importance of Preston is indicated by the fact that it was the site of crucial battles in both the English Civil War and the Jacobite Rebellion. The city’s major period of growth took place during the industrial revolution, and the resulting decline in living standards of the poor and the physical environment led Charles Dickens to present it as the horrifically grim Coketown in his novel Hard Times. Discontent amongst the working class of Preston was so great in the Nineteenth Century that Karl Marx himself was convinced that it would be the location of violent revolution.

Preston’s long, rich and expanding history present the contemporary home owner with specific challenges. The housing stock is varied in style as a consequence of this turbulent and ever-changing environment. Owners of contemporary properties may feel that they can take advantage of the practicalities and chic appeal of plantation shutters with little problem. However, owners of older properties may feel that their home may not be suited to wooden shutters and therefore not be able to benefit from the fact that they are easy to clean and can ventilate your living areas when it is hot and insulate them when it is cold. Such a concern may arise when considering shutters for bay windows, however our experienced and knowledgeable staff can design and install bay window shutters in the same wide range of colours and materials as they can for regular window shutters.

Whatever the age or design of your home we will be able to provide wooden shutters that will blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your property as well as grant you the benefits of their use. If you are looking to locate shutters in Preston, we don’t want you to think of us as another Preston shutter company, but YOUR local shutter company and are more than happy to discuss your home and its requirements. If you are thinking about hardwood shutters for your home and asking “where can I find a shutter company near me?” we’d love you to let us demonstrate our efficient friendly service as well as the quality of the materials we supply and install.


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